Frequently Asked Questions for Our Denver Van Rentals

General Questions

1. What type of insurance is available for van rentals?
  1. We do require proof of your personal auto liability insurance at the time of rental. We suggest checking with your car insurance company, and sometimes credit cards, to inquire if your collision coverage would transfer to a rented passenger van.  Please clarify with your agent, sometimes passenger vans are considered a separate class of vehicle, your coverage may not transfer.  If you would like additional coverage, we do offer a Rental Collision Policy (RCP) which runs $22/day and gives you a $250 deductible up to $20,000. We also offer Supplemental Liability Insurance which provides $300,000 primary liability coverage for $20/day.
2. Are you located near the airport? How do I get my rental once I’ve landed at DIA or Littleton Airport?
  1. Denver International Airport (DIA)– We are located roughly 30 minutes south of DIA.  We offer airport pick ups during business hours (8:30am-4pm). After coordinating an airport pick up prior to your arrival date, we will meet you at the airport once your flight arrives and bring you back to our shop to complete appropriate paperwork.  When returning to DIA, we will reverse the process: you will arrive at our shop and one of our employees will drive your group back in your van and then return the van to our shop after returning you to DIA.
    1. This shuttle is available at no additional cost for rentals 5+ days, or runs $50/leg (Arrival/Departure) for shorter rentals.  If you are needing an after hours pick up/drop off please call our office at 720/503-0249 or 800.250.3184
    2. Uber and Lyft typically run between $20-$30.
    3. RTD offers both light rail and bus service connecting to DIA.  More information available here.
  2. Littleton Airport- We are located roughly 3 blocks from the Littleton Airport, and would follow the same process as we would for DIA.
3. How much luggage space is available?
  1. 12 Passenger vans have a roughly 4’ cargo area in the rear, as well as ability to fit small bags under seats.  If extra cargo space is necessary, please look into our 4×6 and 5×8 cargo trailers for rent!
  2. 15 Passenger vans have no extra cargo space, however, they have the ability to fit small bags under seats. No cargo trailer rentals available with this vehicle.
4. Do you provide tire chains during the winter?
  1. If CDOT (Colorado Department of Transportation) has implemented a Passenger Vehicle Chain Law, this is the last step before the state closes the road.  You are encouraged to get off of the highway when chain law is in effect particularly if you have little or no experience driving in the snow.  If a motorist blocks the roadway because they have inadequate equipment during a Traction Law or Passenger Vehicle Chain Law, they could be fined more than $650.  Because of this, we do not provide tire chains.  If tire chains are purchased and incorrectly applied to the vehicle resulting in damage you will be fully responsible for all physical damage.  More information on Colorado’s Chain Laws can be found here
5. Can I tow with your rental vehicles?
  1. YES! All of our 12 Passenger Vans are equipped with a Class II hitch, a 7 way round wiring connection, and an electronic brake controller.  15 Passenger Vans are not available for towing.
6. Do you offer Roadside Assistance?
  1. While we do offer a 24/7 Technical Support telephone number, we do not provide physical roadside assistance.  If you are planning on going on a long trip, we would encourage you to look into AAA, as that will follow the person and not the vehicle.  Renters are responsible for things like flat tires.
7. Once I sign the contract, are there any other charges?
  1. With rental vehicles, charges are not final until the van is returned and we can do our inspection.  Additional charges can include:
    1. Gas-All rented vehicles will be given to you with a full tank of gas, we ask that you return the vehicle with the same gas level as it went out.  If our staff needs to fill your gas tank (at any level) we charge $8/gallon to the credit card on file.
    2. Tolls-While in Colorado, you are more than welcome to use the E-470 toll road, Mountain Express Lanes and I-25 Express Lanes.  These roads are all optional and you are not required to take toll roads.  Please be aware that tolls are paid via photo bill and cannot be paid as you pass through.  Because of this, the bill will automatically get sent to Adventure Camper.  We will forward on the bill total to rental customer and charge a $7 processing fee per transaction, capping at $28, plus the cost of the toll.  All charges will automaticlaly be made to card on file.  These charges may be incurred up to two months after the initial toll, per Express Toll’s billing Cycle.
    3. Traffic and Parking Tickets-Please know that ANY debts (parking tickets, speeding tickets, tolls, etc.) made while in an Adventure Camper rental vehicle will be the sole responsibility of the rentee.
    4. Mileage-Every rental for 2 days or more includes unlimited mileage free of charge. For 1 day rentals you are allotted 150 miles for the day. Miles accrued above and beyond included mileage will be charged at $.20/mile.  If you know that you will go above your mileage, you can pre-purchase miles at $.20/mile.  Pre-purchased miles are non-refundable.